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Updated: 29 December, 2020

About Windev

Windev is a 4GL rapid application development (RAD) computer programming language that uses 'templates' to define the application. A computer programming novice can generate a relational database application literally within hours of opening the box. Windev is designed and marketed by PC Soft, a French software development company. Currently shipping version 25 to English-speaking countries (and version 26 to France), Windev is a cross- platform programming language that can generate applications for Windows, Linux/Unix, iOS, Android, .NET and the Internet. Unlike most programming languages, Windev includes (at no additional cost) quality tools for creating installation programs, connectivity to various database engines and help files (*.CHM and HTML formats). PC Soft provides a full-featured report building tool at no extra charge for your customers to download, install and then create/modify/generate their own reports, forms and labels. Windev includes its own high-speed SQL database engine named HFSQL at no extra cost.

PC Soft Website Links of Importance

Documentation Page Link Download Center Link Example Apps Included w/Windev Link Features Online Brochure Free Version (Windev Express) Link LST Magazine (French language) Link Online Example Repository Link Reports & Queries Installation Download / User Manual Download Technical Videos Link Version 25 New Features Pamphlet PDF download Windev’s HFSQL Overview Link Windev Online Tutorial Link

Windev Glenn Rathke Resources

Glenn is the pentultimate Windev teacher, who has created an expansive Windev CBT to not only learn the Windev IDE and its language, but he expands its capabilities with a source code library that he includes at no extra charge with his course. Glenn has also created a “framework” template set that expands the (Clarion-like) browse/form concept. To learn more of Glenn’s offerings, click HERE - it is the best investment you’ll make if you dive into the Windev pool!

Windev Miscellaneous Sites

alpha360 ERP (2017 era) Link emiProtect Link gdPicture Imaging SDK Link Microcosm Dinkey Copy Protection Link PCGuard Copy Protection Link SoftProtect (2009 era) Link wxPerts wxBlog code examples Link -- QBE Source Code -- Youtube Channel

Windev Online Forums/Online Help

PC Soft Online Forum Link Phorum (Mysnip Successor) Link Windev 25 Online Help Link Windev Archive Site (Windev Forums) Link Windev Facebook Page Link