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Updated: 15 May, 2019

VIDTRAK (Video File Collection Manager)

Manage a large digital movie collection that is stored on a hard drive or network
Movie aficionados typically skip movie streaming options and prefer to create/download digital movie files on their computer and use an Android box to watch movies (via HDMI cable) on their TV. As one’s collection grows the more difficult it becomes to prevent yourself from re-downloading movies you already possess or keep track of where a particular film is located. These types of ‘collectors’ don’t want to spend hours updating a database and don’t need to print jewel case inserts - they want to scan a removable hard drive or a network folder to build a database of video files and then be able to rapidly find a particular movie.
Primary benefits of this Windows software application: Intuitive user interface FAST! Scanning a network 16TB hard drive containing 10,500 video files takes less than 60 seconds to rebuild the VidTrak database. You can choose to retain the VidTrak database in case you store video files on multiple hard drives You decide what types of files will populate the VidTrak database during the file scan operation User defineable file size values that will display a red icon (low quality movie) or yellow icon (medium quality) next to the filename to quickly identify movies needing replacement. If the file name contains the text ‘low quality’ the red icon is also displayed Able to rename a video file via a popup window Able to delete a video file (with confirmation) from within VidTrak (and delete its corresponding database record after the file deletion has been confirmed) Create/reuse database filters using an intuitive query wizard Export data, exactly as displayed within the browse screen, to an Excel spreadsheet or HTML page



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