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Updated: 15 May, 2019

TIMETRACK (Timecard Management)

Manage a small/medium sized business’ timecards with a simple to use interface
Members of my family required a very simple timecard application that permitted their computer challenged/multi-lingual workforce the ability to clock in/clock out of work via a password they controlled (to ensure co-workers weren’t interfering with their entries). A supervisor could fix timecard errors (e.g. forgot to clock out). The business owner can ensure supervisors weren’t abusing their elevated prileges and double check if an employee was habitually not following timecard policy. Payroll reports can be generated to a PDF file to email to the bookkeeper.
Primary benefits of this Windows software application: Intuitive user interface Each employee chooses their own password to clock in/clock out TimeTrack can accomodate split shifts (i.e. employee clocks in/clocks out twice in one day) Each employee can view their full timecard history to ensure their paycheck is accurate Supervisor password reveals additional menu options that employees can’t access Supervisor can override all clock in/clock out database entries; each modification is logged to a secondary database which can’t be edited to ensure a supervisor doesn’t abuse the system A powerful report builder included; limit output using the same reusable filters as the browse screen. Reports can be printed or saved to a *.PDF file Sample reports are included, to include a payroll report that can be modified for your company that is provided to your bookkeeper/payroll company



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