Stealthware Software
Updated: 20 November, 2019

RENAMETRAK (Popup Window to Rename Data)

Total Commander add-in to rename a file/folder in a popup window
Total Commander (TC) doesn’t display a popup window to rename a selected file or folder; if you ALT-TAB between TC and another window, TC will terminate the rename process and you start it over again. RenameTrak solves that problem by displaying a popup window to edit the selected file or folder, with additional features and safeguards!
Primary benefits of this Windows software application: Simple to configure into Total Commander (hotkey and/or splitter bar button) Can ALT-TAB between Total Commander and another open Windows application without losing the file renaming operation’s focus Ensures the new folder/file name is Windows compliant (259 characters or less) Default the case of the new folder/file name (UPPER, lower, Propercase or as-entered) MergeTrak is DONORWARE - if you like it, please donate to add features!
Significant software update notes: Version 1.2 - Resolved several bugs if a folder name contained a period (.) symbol Minor tweak to main renaming window to change text based upon file or folder being renamed Version 1.1 - Will now propercase if the string is preceded by the “[“ or “;” characters Version 1.0 - Initial release