PhoneTrac (FBI Strategic Partnership Coordinator PIM) 

Here is the scenario - you are a Strategic Partnership Coordinator or InfraGard Coordinator that is already heavily multitasked with 'core' duties and responsibilities. You must somehow maintain multiple email distribution lists to disseminate information that can be merged into a single email. You have to manage extremely detailed cleared defense company information so you know what DoD/U.S. government agencies have active contracts with them to coordinate joint support activities and prioritize them for FBI CI support. You have to send InfraGard members (via email or snail mail) information on a recurring basis - Board of Directors election information, threat awareness products, threat mitigation information and the like. The software tools you have to manage this overwhelming volume of information? Your standard Office suite (word processing/spreadsheet/email client) - and you're probably pulling your hair out trying to bend this software into submission to do your bidding without working overtime.   If this sounds like you, odds are you've learned that fitting a square-shaped peg (managing data) info a round-shaped hole (your Office suite) is an exercise in futility. Your email client's contact database can't be used to create multiple email distribution lists - you're limited to a single email distro list comprised of individual contacts that you manually enter, and you certainly can't create/merge email distribution lists into a single email. Generating form letters that are populated from a database is an exercise in futility, and attempting to print labels from an existing membership roster is equally frustrating. Have you ever tried to pull information from a comprehensive cleared defense company list to then provide to your local AFOSI, Army MI, NCIS or other government agency CI counterparts so they are aware of which cleared company(s) they need to help you provide tailored support to? Not to mention that cleared defense company information can change several times a year! How about trying to keep track of Facility Security Officer (FSO) contact information and keeping THAT email distribution list current? Companies change FSOs on a regular basis - good luck conducting a search/replace on those email addresses several times a month to prevent returned emails from hitting your email inbox. The fault doesn't lie within the information that you need to keep track of - the problem is that word processing documents and spreadsheets weren't designed to be used as data repositories - they can perform some of those duties, but not to the extent that YOU need them to perform. PhoneTrac was designed, from the ground up, to address these frustrations with a user friendly software application that hides the complexity yet possesses true power "under the hood". Not only is keeping track of cleared companies and their FSOs is a breeze, but regenerating a FSO email distribution list is a simple click of a button. Generating a report of the DoD/U.S. government agencies that have active classified contracts with is a click of a mouse button - and that report can be saved as an Adobe PDF file to email to your CI counterpart. Creating/editing/printing form letters is a snap - and those form letters can not only include your logo AND your scanned signature (or ANY graphics image, for that matter), but also pull InfraGard database information for mail-merge needs to create polished, professional looking documents. Printing mailing labels for your InfraGard members is also a snap - and all of these reports can be edited, by you, whenever you need using a full-featured report writer that is embedded within PhoneTrac. PhoneTrac doesn't stop there, as it also provides a password protected database to store your username/password information; a specialized database to store your open source espionage/insider threat news articles from the Internet; a miscellaneous notes database that enables the note to be copied/pasted into another Windows application; a contacts database to electronically manage your rolodex; a ToDo project manager that is "thin" enough to encourage its use without becoming an additional burden, and a database to store your Internet favorites (along with their username/password if required). By the way, any Internet URL or email address that you type into the database has a button on the screen to create a new email for that individual or open an Internet browser session for that URL with the click of a button. I Created PhoneTrac several years ago to solve MY personal needs; over the years its capabilities have been expanded/tweaked/fine tuned to solve problems that I encountered. How many times has your work PC been 'refreshed' or 'upgraded', which resulted in ALL of your email contacts and Internet favorites irretrievably erased? Managing email lists was particularly painful for me - I create products that are disseminated to thousands of customers on a daily basis. Those products need to sent to multiple groups of customers - something no email client could handle, but PhoneTrac makes it as simple as selecting those email distribution lists with the mouse and clicking a single button - each of the lists is merged into one email list and then copied to the Windows clipboard - EASY! PhoneTrac also has the capability of converting multiple paragraph text into a single, properly spaced paragraph - anyone who has produced newsletters knows firsthand how painful it is to manually perform this chore - PhoneTrac does it with a single mouse click! PhoneTrac also includes a built-in backup routine that, with a single mouse click, compresses all PhoneTrac database and configuration files into a WinZip compatible file for safekeeping. PhoneTrac will run on any computer system that reliably runs Windows XP thru Windows 10 operating systems. Ideally, your computer will have 2GB or more of memory installed. A mouse is highly recommended, but not required. A color monitor configured at 1280x768 screen resolution (minimum) is required. The application, its help files, and data files require less than 10MB of hard drive disc space. A floppy disc drive is not required. No SQL backend server is required. No specialized network server(s) are required. The database can hold over 1 million database records, per database! Trial software versions are important to allow prospective customers to "kick the tires" before spending hard earned money. I recognize this and have created a trial version of PhoneTrac. The trial version is IDENTICAL to the registered version - the user manuals are the same, the menu options are the same, the data entry screens are the same - the ONLY difference is a popup window appears when the program is first started that states you are using a trial version and every database only allows ten (10) database records to be saved - if the database has more than 10 database records the ADD button is disabled/hidden and a popup window will appear onscreen. If you download/install/experiment with the trial version and then purchased a license for the registered version you data can "stay put" - just install the registered version over the top of the trial version! PhoneTrac is your field site’s answer for managing your Defense Industrial Base outreach programs with an easy to use solution. We invite you to download the trial version from our DOWNLOAD page, kick the tires, and then ORDER your copy - you’ll be glad that you did!