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Updated: 11 February, 2019

Mp3TRAK (MP3 Collection Manager)

Manage a MP3 collection that is stored on a hard drive
Music collectors tend to possess very large collections of concerts (radio broadcasts, audience and soundboard recordings) and demos/studio outtakes. Keeping track of these collections with traditional MP3 software can be tedious, and in some instances, overkill. Quickly locating a particular recording and viewing its readme.txt file (or equivalent) is the most important feature when trying to rapidly determine if you already possess that recording; renaming the folder and exporting lists to a sharable format are secondarily important. MP3Trak does all this with ease and more..
Primary benefits of this Windows software application: Rapidly scan a directory tree and import all files located within subfolders into the database; the test hard drive imported 665,700 files within 34,457 folders in roughly 30 minutes Two different ways to view Mp3 folders (tree and list) * List mode displays all folders alphabetically by folder name in a browse screen * Tree mode displays the artist/band name in the left panel and a linked browse that displays their recordings in the right panel Create/reuse database filters using an intuitive query wizard A powerful report builder included; limit output using the same reusable filters as the browse screen. Reports can be printed or saved to a *.PDF file Automatic importation of each folders readme.txt file (or equivalent), which is displayed onscreen when browsing database information Export data, exactly as displayed within the browse screen, to an Excel spreadsheet or HTML page



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