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Updated: 20 November, 2019

MERGETRAK (Move Subfolder Content to Parent Folder)

Move subfolder files into the parent folder, then delete empty subfolders
Moving subfolder contents into the parent folder is tedious at best. Popular file managers never include this often-needed feature. The very few script files and command line utilities (aka: REALLY old) do zero error checking and will allow you to not only overwrite file(s), but there is zero warning if you’re about to collapse a folder which contains hundreds (or thousands) of files. MergeTrak was designed from ground zero to help ensure you are moving the RIGHT data and incorporate safeguards to help prevent a catastopic error that could be disastrous for your data.
Primary benefits of this Windows software application: Works with popular Windows file managers (e.g. Total Commander, FreeCommander) Files renamed with incrementing prefix prior to movement to parent folder Configurable Yes/No confirmation window prior to any renaming/file movement action Configurable Yes/No confirmation window if total number of files exceeds a threshold Emptied folders automatically deleted once all files have been moved to the parent folder MergeTrak is DONORWARE - if you like it, please donate to add features!
Significant software update notes: Version 1.1 dramatically increased the speed of moving large amounts of data! Version 1.0 would perform a copy/delete for each file; Version 1.1 now directly updates the directory entry for each file. Tests conducted of 30GB of data being merged showed the merge operation is now reduced to less than 10 seconds