Stealthware Software
Updated: 20 November, 2019

Troubleshooting FAQs

Listed below are common problems experienced by computer users (mostly because of Microsoft Windows trying to protect itself); potential answers to the problem are provided by clicking on the ANSWER hyperlink: 1. “COULD NOT GET WRITE ACCESS TO SO TRYING READ-ONLY **ANSWER** 2. Sharing a database application across your home/office network **ANSWER** 3. Creating a drive mapping to a database application located on your network **ANSWER** 4. Creating a desktop shortcut to start a database application **ANSWER**

Software FAQs

Here are software features inherit in all Stealthware Software applications: Our 32 bit applications are compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10 Automatically network aware and multi-user capable All files installed into the application folder Each database file can store millions of records Context-sensitive help for the currently displayed screen via the F1 key or clicking the HELP button A printable user’s manual is included (and downloadable from this web site) Small footprint - typically less than 30 megabytes is required Low memory use - often less than 5 megabytes of memory required during use