Stealthware Software
Updated: 15 May, 2019

Creating a desktop shortcut to start a database application

PROLOGUE: This instruction assumes that (a) the employee has logged onto their computer and (b) has already created a drive mapping to the database application located on a computer located elsewhere in the office. If this has not been done yet please refer to this FAQ. 1. Return to the Windows desktop by holding down the START menu button and then pressing the letter D 2. Move the mouse cursor anywhere on the desktop that is unoccupied by an icon 3. Right click the mouse 4. From the popup menu select NEW, then SHORTCUT 5. Click BROWSE 6. Left click the entry titled ‘This PC’ 7. Scroll down until you locate the drive letter that was mapped to the database application located elsewhere on the network; if you’ve been following this web site’s FAQ examples drive letter X is left clicked on once 8. A list of files located in that remote folder are now displayed; scroll down until you see a filename with a .EXE file extension:
9. Click the OK button after selecting the correct .EXE file (for this example the TimeTrack.exe file is correct). The path to the executable file is inserted into the location entry field. Click NEXT 10. You can either change the Shortcut’s Name or leave it to the filename (default). Click FINISH. 11. The new desktop shortcut icon is now added: