Troubleshooting FAQ

CREATE A DRIVE MAPPING TO A DATABASE APPLICATION ON THE NETWORK On a computer different than the one the database application was installd onto, have the employee log into their machine; start Windows Explorer.  For Windows 10 machines click the HOME button; click the EASY ACCESS button which will display a drop list menu – select MAP AS DRIVE:                                          A popup window is displayed to assign a Drive Letter to a shared folder located elsewhere on your office network.  The drive letter can be any unassigned drive letter; use the default or select one from the droplist. Click the BROWSE button to select the workstation name that the database application is installed on (note: for this example, the workstation name is SCOTT-ALIENWARE); left click that workstation name to expand the list of shared folders. Left click once on the share name and click OK:                                          When the OK button is clicked the network path (that you just selected via the popup menus) is automatically entered into the folder name entry field:                                                    Click FINISH.  Drive letter X on this workstation is now mapped to the TimeTrak folder located on the Alienware computer in this office. Repeat this process for the other employees/computers in your office. DONE