Stealthware Software
Updated: 15 May, 2019


Problem: How to enable multiple employees to use this software application from their own desk.
Scenario: Stealthware database applications are multi-user capable, meaning your entire office can use this software at the same time. While the application can be installed onto a file server, a more common scenario is one office computer has the software installed; the folder containing the software is SHARED and other machines in the office have a drive mapping created to that SHARED folder and a desktop shortcut placed on the other machines to start the program at the remote desk.
Primary Machine: Log onto the office computer that has the database application installed onto its internal hard drive. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder that contains the database application. ). Right click the mouse on the folder name (e.g. TimeTrak) to display a popup menu; select PROPERTIES from the list. A popup window is displayed onscreen; click the tab named SHARING. Click the button named ADVANCED SHARING; a popup window is displayed. Click the ‘Share this folder’ checkbox so a checkmark is displayed inside it; the Share Name can be changed if desired (it defaults to the folder name). Click the PERMISSIONS button; select the Group/User account name ‘Everyone’ and then ensure checkmarks are displayed inside of the CHANGE and READ checkboxes in the ‘Allow’ column (as shown below, far right popup window):
Click the OK button to close the ‘Permissions’ sub-folder. Click OK to close the ‘Advanced Sharing’ sub-window. Click the Close button to close the Properties window. This folder is now being shared by that computer on your office’s internal computer network. The next step is visiting each workstation whose occupant needs to use this shared software application to (a) create a drive mapping to the share you just created and (b) create a desktop shortcut for the application. DONE