DocTrak (Classified Document Management) 

DocTrak is a Windows-based software application that was designed to keep track of a small / mid-sized company’s classified holdings (e.g. classified computer media; classified documents). Some companies use a spreadsheet or a Word Processing document to manage their classified holdings – while this simplistic method “works”, it doesn’t provide a means to easily generate Defense Security Service (DSS) inspection reports or form letters that are required whenever a classified holding must be destroyed. DocTrak easily generates these types of managerial products, using an intuitive and user-friendly interface that incorporates many tools to expedite data entry while ensuring data integrity. Even if your company is blessed with a talented Information Technology support division that understands computer programming, they will require 100+ hours to create a database application to effectively track your company's classified holdings - something your company might not have a charge code for, let alone be able to afford a $30 - $50 hourly rate for that employee! DocTrak will run on any computer system that reliably runs Windows XP thru Windows 10 operating systems. Ideally, your computer will have 2GB or more of memory installed. A mouse is highly recommended, but not required. A color monitor configured at 1280x768 screen resolution (minimum) is required. The application, its help files, and data files require less than 10MB of hard drive disc space. A floppy disc drive is not required. No SQL backend server is required. No specialized network server(s) are required. The database can hold over 1 million classified holdings stored within your inventory! DocTrak is designed to accommodate all phases of classified item management – from the introduction of the classified item to your facility (either by an employee creating the classified item or your facility receiving the classified item from an outside source); leaving your facility temporarily (for a classified meeting or loaned to another cleared defense company for a joint project); transmittal outside of your facility, and then the destruction of the classified item. You can download a functional version of DocTrak from the Stealthware Software web site to "kick the tires". When you decide that DocTrak suits your company's needs to manage its classified holdings, the unlock code that you receive after purchasing the software will allow that same installation (and data that you've inputted during the trial period) to be used - nothing needs to be uninstalled / reinstalled / reconfigured / retyped! DocTrak was designed with the assistance of several experienced Facility Security Officers over the course of several years, with considerable attention paid to ease of use; USEFUL reports that actually help manage a company's classified holdings; USEFUL data entry features to speed up data entry (and only keeping track of what is needed to manage classified holdings versus tracking meaningless "factoids" that not only require more time to type into a database, but ultimately don't have any value to a Facility Security Officer.) DocTrak is your company’s answer for managing your company’s classified holdings and be compliant with NISPOM requirements. We invite you to download the trial version from our DOWNLOAD page, kick the tires, and then ORDER your copy - you’ll be glad that you did!
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