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Updated: 15 May, 2019

DOCTRACK (Classified Holding Management)

Manage a small/medium sized business’ appointments with a simple to use interface
A business associate of mine was a Facility Security Officer for a local cleared company that typically stored hundreds of classified holdings. Ensuring the company was compliant with NISPOM requirements to manage their creation/storage/transmittal status/destruction was impossible with Excel. DocTrak was created to exceed the NISPOM standard and was immediately implented at each location. Success!
Primary benefits of this Windows software application: Intuitive user interface Data stored locally instead of in the cloud Network compatible; multi-user capable Cradle-2-Grave management of all classified holdings of all media categories Color coded main screen immediately tells you the location of each classified holding Pre-configured Document Control Record reports with different sorting with 2 mouse-clicks Generate a Transmittal Record Report for mailing classified with one mouse-click Powerful/intuitive query-by-example wizard to filter the main browse screen (e.g. show only classified holdings currently held on-site). All queries can be saved and reused



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