About Clarion Clarion is a 4GL rapid application development (RAD) computer programming language that uses 'templates' to define the application. A computer programming novice can generate a relational database application literally within hours of opening the box. Clarion was originally designed and marketed by Topspeed Corporation; the company then sold the product to Softvelocity. Fomin Report Builder (FRB) One of the strongest challenges that every programmer faces is reports. Face it - the most important function of any database application is the ability for the user to extract information in a meaningful manner. Customer needs change, and while "hard coding" some reports (especially complex reports) makes sense, there is something to be said for your customers also being able to modify existing reports or create new ones on their own. For my money, FRB is the best tool for the job - period. I created a Windows help file for FRB several years ago to educate myself on how FRB worked. Oleg Fomin, the author of FRB, thought highly enough of my help file that he offered to distribute it with his product, to which I gladly accepted. Visit the Fomin Report Builder web site HERE  To download my FRB help file (.CHM file format) click HERE  [Updated: Nov 2015]

TEMPLATES (Clarion 10 Compatible Only)

Author Direct Shareware  ABCFree Templates - not updated for a while Auratek  Crosstab / Query / Report / Spreadsheet / View Wizards Capesoft  ABC Defaults, Anyfont, Anytext, Breakin, Cryptonite, Draw, Drawshot, EzHelp, Fastmem, File Explorer,                                                                    GPF Reporter, GUTS, HotDates, HyperActive, iDash, Insight Graphing, JFiles, KeepingTabs, MailSync,                                                                                                                       Makeover, Messagebox, Multi-Proj, NetTalk, OddJob, Office Inside, PassPaste, Premiere, Progress, Recent                                                                    Lookups, Replicate, ResizeAndSplit, RightReports, RunOnce, RunScreen, SecWin, SendTo, StringTheory,                                                                   TabTree, Tearoff, Template Version Tracker, TickerTape, WinEvent, xFiles                                                                   Formerly ProDomus: Translator Plus, PD Class Generator, PD Browse Lookup, PD Drops, PD Drop, PD                                                                   1-Touch Date Tools, PD Worldwide Address Formats, PD Fin Comformark           Clarion Browse Color Template, Metro Template CwAddons Automated Fax Engine (AFE), Report & Presentation Manager (RPM), USPS Intelligent Mail Barcodes                                                                                (PNet), Newspaper Column Reports (NCR)                                                                    Formerly CPCS: CPCS Reporting Tools DeveloperTeam StimulSoft .NET/.JS wrapper for Clarion Devuna (Docs) ClassViewer, CoolTips, DateTimePicker, KwikSourceSearch, OleDragDrop, Queue-Edit-In-Place,                                                                           ScreenCaptureTools (all open source) EnablingSimplicity Up&Up Reporting & Processing, HyperBrowze, UltraTree Fomin Tools                                              Fomin Report Builder, Winword Previewer, Ascii Reports Fushnisoft ClarionMetroWizard, ClarionClasses, SublimeClarion, DotNetForClarion, ClarionRegFreeCOM, ClaEvaluate                                                                          (all open source)  Handy Tools                                             Handy Tools (massive collection of classes/utilities) Icetips                                                        Build Automator, Checkbox Fixer, Icetips Utilities, Magic Buttons, Magic Entries, Magic Locks, Power Toolbar,                                                                        Report Previewer, Sql Templates, TaskPanel, Window Fixer, XP Theme, Xplore Ingasoft  Data Conversion, EasyAnimation, EasyAutoEntry, EasyComCreator, EasyDotNet, EasyExcel, EasyFingerPrint,                                                                                 EasyListView, EasyMultiTag, EasyOpenOffice, EasyReport, J&S Software                                            MailMerge Jens Weiermann                                     CwEventLog, MessageEx, SysAni, SysDTP, SysHotKey, SysIP, SysList, SysMonthCal, SysProgress, SysTrack,                                                                      SysTree (all on SourceForge) Klarisoft                                                    KSInkPicture, ksUI Library, SocketTools Library, LibXL, Spellcheck, KSpng, MetaDraw Control Wrapper,                                                                      Farpoint Spread Wrapper, ezForm Filler, QuickPDF, wPDF Control Wrapper, WPViewPDF Control Wrapper,                                                                        Crystal Reports RDC Wrapper, Crystal Reports Class, ExcelWrite Class, Video Capture Class, TList Control                                                                     Class, KSAnimate Class, Thread Safe Message Class, KSTpw Split Bar Control, KSSlider Sliderbar Control,                                                                               KSstbar Statusbar Control, KSpbar Progressbar Control LansRad ProArchive, ProPath, ProScan, ProImage, ProCodeBlock, ProDocument                                                                    Formerly Solid Software: ImageEX, RichReport                                                                    Formerly ValUtilities: VuFileTools, VuMail, VuSendKeys, VuSeries                                                                    Other: SmartType Laro Group                                               AutoClose, DigitChanger, FileTuner, FinalStep, FullRecord, NeatMessage, PrintWindow, WindowID LibXlsxWriter Template                          Write XLSX files without Excel. SourceForge public domain template LinderSoft LSZip List & Label Templates                       SourceForge public domain template MikeDuglas            LibCurl, GoogleAPI, Script-Player, AnimatedLabel, Taskbar, FileWatcher (all open source) Mitten Software                                       Super Browse, Super Field-Filler, Super Import-Export, Super Invoice, Super Limiter, Super Passcode, Super                                                                     QBE, Super Security, Super Stuff, Super Tagging Nardis Clarion Dynamic File Driver (open source)  Noyantis            Codejock ActiveX COM Control Wrappers Paresi.Net                                                 iq-XML QB Connect Quickbooks template SDK Software Solutions QView SterlingData                                             LogFlash, RemFlash, CopyFlash, IMPEX, SearchFlash, VCRFlash, BlinkFlash, BackFlash StimulSoftCOMWrapper Wrapper for Stimulsoft Reports (open source)  Templates Clarion                                   Browse Export, Electronic Invoice Without Detail, Excel Export, Hasar/Epson Fiscal Printer Templates, PDF                                                                            Export, Report Export (Spanish web site) Thinetsolution Thin@, GUI Manager & Resizer Tracker-Software PDF-XChange Viewer SDK VividHelp            Polyglot Text Translator, Data Shuffler, Onscreen Keyboard, Tailor, Conductor, EmailReport (NetTalk),                                                                      Outlook EmailReport, Batch EmailReport, EMailData, eMerge, Generic Calendar, Generic Calculator,                                                                       NoError47, Tree Plus, ReportToText  


ClarionHub           Online Q&A forum ClarionLive Forum                                 ClarionLive Utilities, Downloadable Webinars ClarionMag                                             Now free.. 1999-2011 archive of PDFs posted online ClarionSharp Blog           Official Softvelocity blog Computer Programming Forum         2005 era; still has useful code/conversations Google Groups                      comp.lang.clarion USENET conversation viewer Handy Tools Forum                               Subscribers only; user account required Tek-Tips (Clarion Solutions)           Online Q&A forum


0Data.De Collection of Clarion source code routines (Dutch language, Google translate) Bourabai Repository Collection of Clarion overview/source code routines from Khazikstan Clarion Foundry Old school repository that has been resurrected! Crispy Development Labs C6 source code for various projects Icetips Articles Collection of 1997-2007 era source code examples KlariSoft Source code examples for KlariSoft wrapper products Stu Andrews Blog collection from a Clarion Developer (2005-2010) The Computer Guy 1996-1997 era source code examples

TEMPLATES (Older Clarion Versions Still Online)

A+ Software   Various Templates ABX Systems   ABXTrackBar (slider control) Atalasoft   EZTwain AuDkus   EIP template Berthume Software   PowerRUN Carl Barnes   CHM4Clarion Clarion Central    Appman Pro, ReportDAT, Timesavers Gizmos, Path Manager, Timesavers Templates,  Classlibrary,                                                                      ClassViewer, OleDragDrop, KiwkSourceSearch, Scintilla, ScreenCaptureTools, LicenseTools, DateTimePicker,                                                                      CoolTips, CtIconPicker, Queue-Edit-In-Place, IqXML, CyberTools (all open source)  Ferrett Consulting   Validity check template GAP Development   ClaCom Jadu Technologies               Various templates, source code examples Larry Sand   Clarion Freeimage Project Par2 File Repository                                  Graciously resurrected by Arnor @ Icetips Polar Control    gCal, gNotes (old Gitano products) PurpleSwift   CoolButtons, CoolFrames Riebens Systems                                       ARD Reporter (C6.3), Locus Templates (C7) SCA Micro Templates     Browse to Clipboard to Excel, The Invisible Calculator, Cleartype Workaround, Auto                                                                      Next Tab, Browse Header Sort, Browse Reverse Key Order, Repeat Insert with Refresh,                                                                      Refresh Window Button, Date Range Button Schoffler & Rau   ClaScript Taboga Software   Native Excel Library, Interactive Filter, Full Text Search, Report’s Data Exporter, Barcode                                                                      Library, Report Templates ThinkData   OutlookFUSE, qbFUSE, xmlFUSE, EnhancedScrollClass WildWildWares   Collection of Clarion 5.x templates William Cirino    MS MapPoint templates

TOOLS (Clarion)

42.NL (Don’t Panic)    Liberate TPS data to CSV file (GitHub) Carl Barnes    CW Assistant Clarion Addins    C10 IDE add-ins Clarion Shop                                               Purchase Clarion templates, books from various vendors CodeFusion    Convert DCT to .NET Framework EDMX file Lindersoft     SetupBuilder Scalabium    Clarion file viewer (Topscan replacement *.DAT/*.TPS) Management Computer Systems    Free Backup Tool for Clarion Projects MotleySoft    Purchase Clarion templates, accessories from various vendors Paresi.Net                                                    iQ-Toy (Clarion Search Utility) ProperData    Relational Browse (Topscan replacement)

TOOLS (Miscellaneous)

1st Logo Design (Gitano)                Icon bundles AdeptShare     License Shield copy protection SDK EasyIcon     Online icon repository (540,000+ icons) HHReg     Fix Windows 10 to view *.CHM files stored on a network IconFinder     Download icons id3lib     Open source library to view MP3 ID3v1/ID3v2 tags SofPro     PC Guard copy protection for Win32 apps