CCWTrak (Concealed Carry Weapon Instructor Class Management) 

CCWTrak is a Windows-based software application designed specifically for firearms instructors to manage classes they create, students they teach, generate federally-mandated forms they/their students must turn in to federal authorities upon training completion, identify non-paying customers, and help you identify customers whose certification is about to expire (aka: future business). If you’ve been using a spreadsheet (or worse, hand-written records) to keep track of your firearms instruction business then CCWTrak will DEFINITELY change your world for the better (and restore your sanity)! CCWTrak will run on any computer system that reliably runs Windows XP thru Windows 10 operating systems. Ideally, your computer will have 2GB or more of memory installed. A mouse is highly recommended, but not required. A color monitor configured at 1280x1024 screen resolution (minimum) is required. The application, its help files, and data files require less than 15MB of hard drive disc space. A floppy disc drive is not required. No SQL backend server is required. No specialized network server(s) are required. CCWTrak can accommodate up to 1 billion classes, each with 1 billion students! CCWTrak is designed to accommodate all phases of firearms class instruction – from the initial email notification sent to prospective/confirmed students to send them pre-class documents/forms; generate DPS paperwork required for concealed carry weapon permits; instructor-required paperwork for each student that DPS requires to be archived; generating email lists for students who might be interested in other firearms courses that you develop; identifying students who haven’t paid for their class in full - CCWTrak has you covered! A fully functional version of CCWTrak is available for download from the Stealthware Software web site to "kick the tires" - when you decide that CCWTrak will suit your needs for managing your firearms instruction business (and it will!), the unlock code that you receive after purchasing the software will allow that demo installation (and data that you've inputted during the trial period) to be used - nothing needs to be uninstalled / reinstalled / reconfigured / retyped! CCWTrak was designed from the ground up with the assistance of experienced Firearms Instructors Officers over several months, with considerable attention paid to ease of use; USEFUL reports that actually help manage your firearms instruction business; USEFUL data entry features to speed up data entry, and only track information that is required to keep you legal, track your sales, and help you generate repeat business. CCWTrac is your self defense company’s answer for managing your class rosters, generate mandatory paperwork your customers requrire to obtain their personal CCW license and generate repeat business with an easy to use time automated solution. We invite you to download the trial version from our DOWNLOAD page, kick the tires, and then ORDER your copy - you’ll be glad that you did!
Classes Taught Browse Screen
Classes Taught Data Entry Screen
Enrolles For The Current Class
Firearm Classes Lookup Database
Main Window
Students Instructed Browse Screen
Student Data Entry Screen
Report Manager
Report - DPS After Action
Report - DPS Student
Report - Refresher Training Due
Report - Class Sign-In Roster