ApptTrak (An Appointment Tracker That Everyone Can Use) 

ApptTrak is a Windows-based software application designed for small-to-medium sized businesses to manage their company’s appointments using a very easy to understand user interface. ApptTrak is very easy to set up for your business. Once you've downloaded/installed ApptTrak the following activities must be completed (which requires between 5-15 minutes total): 1. Configure the Task lookup table with your business’ most common task categories (e.g. an automotive service business’ categories would include: Brake Job;Diagnostics;Electrical; Exhaust;Tune-Up, etc) 2. Configure the Appointment Grid for your business hours and how the calendar should break down each hour (e.g. 15 min intervals) DONE - Your employees are now able to use ApptTrak to start adding appointments to the business calendar! ApptTrak  has some unique features that are uncommon from most appointment tracking software: 1. Network compatible - multiple workstations can view/update the calendar at the same time via the company network 2. Multiple appointments can have the same start time. As crazy as it sounds, most appointment software won’t allow for this very basic business need 3. The appointment grid graphically shows the start/stop times for each appointment 4. Quickly print the currently displayed day’s appointments 5. View every appointment that your business has ever scheduled; you can display only one specific type of category onscreen (e.g. Brake Job appointments); you can print the entire list of appointments or generate a bar graph chart of the appointments. This is a great tool to determine what you least/most common types of appointments are (and then shape your advertising campaign accordingly) ApptTrak will run on any computer system that reliably runs Windows XP thru Windows 10 operating systems. Ideally, your computer  will have 2GB or more of memory installed. A mouse is highly recommended, but not required. A color monitor configured at 1280x1024  screen resolution (minimum) is required. The application, its help files, and data files require less than 15MB of hard drive disc space. A floppy  disc drive is not required. No SQL backend server is required. No specialized network server(s) are required. ApptTrak can accommodate up to 1 billion timeclock transactions! ApptTrak be installed onto one older computer that all employees will use to clockin/clockout of work OR it can be installed onto one specific network folder/computer workstation and the employee's computer(s) can be configured to access ApptTrak from their desk or service counter . ApptTrak is available for download as a trial version from the Stealthware Software web site's DOWNLOAD page. Within the installation file is the entire ApptTrak software application and it’s user manual. No features are disabled or crippled - you can use every feature for approximately 50 appointments, in which ApptTrak will then not permit you to add a new database record unless a license is purchased from Stealthware Software. Once you have received the license file from Stealthware Software the ApptTrak trial version is then configured as a fully licensed version - the information that you inputted during the trial is still there and you can forever continue using ApptTrak! ApptTrak is your company’s answer for managing your appointments with an easy to use time clock solution (and save money when you don’t have to purchase those pricey wall/desk calendars). We invite you to download the trial version from our DOWNLOAD page, kick the tires, and then ORDER your copy - you’ll be glad that you did!
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