Stealthware Software
Updated: 20 November, 2019


In 1987 we began writing MsDos software for the Department of Defense . These vertical applications were finely focused to interact with mainframe computers to sharply reduce redundant logistic procurement transactions. Our efforts included transitioning logistics from generating tons of paper reports to a fully automated solution and updating warehouse management processes in deployed environments to ensure warfighters possessed sufficient onhand supplies in forward deployed locations . We migrated away from the MsDos platform and embraced the Windows operating system in 1995 with the same ideology we started with: develop intuitive vertical software applications that novice and experienced computer users alike would enjoy and benefit from. We’ve migrated away from developing military software applications - their business rules now prohibit the installation/use of ‘cottage industry’ software applications on their networks - and now focus on developing software applications to fulfill specific software needs. Our targeted clientele are computer hobbyists and small-to-medium sized businesses who cannot afford pricey software that requires expensive hardware to run and a team of computer specialists to maintain. We develop software that we actually use and/or support businesses that we frequent. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers who push our software to the limits and them articulate to us ways to improve their functionality - because we ultimately benefit from feedback that is then incorporated into our products.