In 1989 we began writing MsDos software for the Department of Defense.  These vertical applications were finely focused to interact with mainframe computers to sharply reduce redundant procurement processes.  Those efforts expanded to migrating the Air Force logistics world into a paperless environment and automating warehouse management processes in a deployed environment (where severe Internet connectivity challenges didn’t allow for realtime access to the logistics mainframe). Stealthware Software soon migrated away from MsDos development to Windows development - we continued developing vertical applications to satisfy very unique, focused warfighter requirements that could not be fulfilled by the standard software suite installed on military computers.  Our goal remained the same - provide intuitive, user-friendly interfaces within our software applications that any level of computer user can quickly learn with all of the complexity neatly tucked away “behind the scenes”. We now develop vertical software applications for the Windows operating system environment for the personal/commercial sector.  Our targeted clientele is small to medium sized businesses that cannot afford ultra-expensive, tailored Windows applications that require substantial computer resources/personnel to manage. We leverage over 25 years of software development expertise to develop easy-to-use software applications for busy people/companies who must focus on their business needs instead of learning complicated software applications. Small, fast, efficient, intuitive - those are our software application’s trademarks. Download one of our trial software applications to see what you’re missing (and now found)! To  contact us please send an email to (or click the email icon at the top right of each web page).
12 Aug 2018:  Mp3Trak 1.0 trial version + user’s manual uploaded 23 Apr 2018: Revamp of the Clarion web page 24 Feb 2018: VidTrak 1.1 trial version + user’s manual uploaded 20 Nov 2017: Added a FAQ page  to help troubleshoot Stealthware software installation/runtime problems that could be encountered 22 Apr 2016: VidTrak 1.0a trial version + user’s manual uploaded 13 Feb 2016: ApptTrak 1.0a trial version + user’s manual uploaded 27 Jan 2016: TimeTrack 1.0a trial version + user’s manual uploaded 15 Feb 2015: CCWTrak 1.0b trial version uploaded 15 Feb 2015: DocTrak 1.0i trial version uploaded